Contemporary house plans
Stripped down, sleek, and elegant Contemporary house plans represented a departure from
traditional style when it appeared in the architect-designed homes of the fifties, sixties and early
seventies. Common contemporary design characteristics include simple, clean lines with large
windows devoid of decorative trim. The exteriors are a mixture of siding, stucco, stone, brick and
wood. The roof can be flat or shallow pitched, often with great overhangs. Related to
International Style homes, many different forms of contemporary house plans exist but common
features are a lack of ornamentation, open floor plans, and asymmetrical shapes. Some
contemporary home designs showcase natural materials and feature tall over sized windows that
emphasize a connection with nature. Art Modern house styles with their flat roofs and curved
geometric shapes influence some contemporary home plans. This assortment of floor plans
features contemporary home design aesthetics with an array of influences
Modern Home Plans
Once considered daring experiments, Modern home designs are now
appreciated for the timeless virtues of clean lines, harmonious
proportions, open plans and abundant natural light. Modern houses
that scandalized the neighbors a half century or more ago were seen
by traditionalists as an affront to traditional family values. But the
Modern house plan is a paradigm of order, restraint, and rational
construction created by architects who saw themselves as reformers,
stripping away ornament and excess. People who choose to live
within Modern homes discover they can do without clutter and crystal
chandeliers and enjoy floor plans that provide crisp, modest spaces
that flow one into another and out to a patio that becomes an
alfresco living room. Mid-century modern houses are increasingly
cherished as period artifacts and offer a sense of discovery and the
reward of something rare and special - a true inspiration for today's
Modern home designs.
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Colonial Home Plans
Colonial house plans reflect the uncomplicated and refined
taste of early settlers in America. Simple, classic detailing
characterizes Colonial home plans. Colonial homes draw
influences from Dutch, English, and French architecture;
creating a range of regional interpretations. Colonial floor
plans feature a welcoming center hall design with living room
on one side, dining room on the other, and kitchen and private
rooms in the back as a practical, family-friendly design that
makes entertaining a special pleasure. Typical Colonial design
features include symmetrical exterior styling, multi pane
windows, and central front doors, shutters, and pilasters.
Pillars and columns are common, often expressed in
temple-like entrances with portico's topped by pediments.
Colonial home designs use multi-pane, double-hung windows
with shutters, dormers, and paneled doors with sidelights
topped with rectangular transoms or fanlights to help dress up
the exteriors which are
The historical antecedent for today’s larger one-story house might be said to go back to the Western ranches and the Spanish haciendas. This
type and size of house can offer all of the livability of the traditional two-story home. And it offers the advantage of complete livability all on one
level. What is  lost in construction cost-effectiveness inherent in the two-story house is gained in the convenience and efficiency of one-story
livability. Obviously, the large home generally mean larger rooms. Although care must he taken to assure that more square footage does’t lead to a
hodge-podge of many small rooms. Proper floor planning will result in a wise use of space that delivers effective and comfortable room sizes.
The larger house can and should offer practical and efficient traffic patterns. It also can allow for the
accommodation of more of the active family’s favorite pursuits. And, of course, the potential for catering to the
needs of social gatherings is greater. The larger size one-story lends itself to a variety of well-proportioned and
interesting functional shapes. While hardly cost-effective, the irregular shaped floor plan can result in new a exciting
room relationships, as well as interesting and appealing indoor-outdoor living relationships. A review of the designs
in  this website will reveal many plans whose straight forward, cost-effective, rectangular shapes deliver outstanding
livability. Of interest, the manner in which any of these designs maybe oriented on a given site to take advantage of
the sun and its solar offerings. This collection of designs illustrates just how delightful and appealing Tudor,
Spanish. French, Con-temporary and Traditional facades can when called upon to envelope the larger versions of
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